Product Marketing Intern

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2970 5th Avenue, Suite 340
San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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We’re looking for someone who can help us grow our products by driving qualified traffic to our main web properties – and – and do it with gusto, verve, panache and a bunch of other fun-to-say adjectives.


Blogger outreach & engagement:
We want you to be a public face for our products – to get out there and start talking to the people who could most benefit from them. Whether that’s contacting bloggers who might be interested in using our products, or participating in lively online debates about design and technology, you’ll be responsible for starting and maintaining stimulating discussions across the Web that leave people wanting to know more about us.

Content creation:
Whether it’s drafting an engaging and informative new post for one of our popular and growing blogs, or keeping our social media profiles humming along with quality posts that get shared far & wide, you’ll be frequently putting out content to help grow awareness of our methods, philosophies and how it all goes into the products we create.

Your own initiatives:
We don’t claim to know everything – in fact, we know we don’t. That’s why we’re constantly hunting for fresh perspectives, and bold ideas backed up with precise, efficient execution. Hit upon a killer idea that’ll knock traffic out of the park? Just tell us what you need, and let’s make it happen.


We admit it, we’re picky. We don’t want just anyone in this important spot – we’re looking for someone special that can jump right in and help us make a difference. It could be you, if:

You love and use the Web:
Every day, all day. You have to want to talk about it non-stop at the slightest provocation. You want to leave a mark on the evolution of the Web.

You’re a natural communicator:
You’re able to write persuasively, with charisma, and stimulate action in your reader.

You’re an owner:
You relish the successes, grind through the challenges and put yourself into everything you do. You’re looking to build rock-solid camaraderie with a team of folks just like you.

You’re a hustler that breaks the rules:
You don’t take no for an answer (in a good way), and you don’t take it personally. You find a way around long lines, into private parties and generally do things differently. You’ve built something disruptive before. You know when to follow, when to lead, and when to break all the rules.

You’re a stats geek:
You love measuring your impact, and trying to objectively improve your own performance. Familiarity with web analytics such as Google Analytics is a plus.

You’re social, on- and offline:
You actively curate and create content that gets disseminated to the masses, and can demonstrate an understanding of how to initiate and manage online discussions.


You’ll need to provide us a few things:

» A unique cover letter that explains why you would be perfect for this position. Please include a 3-4 sentence manifesto about how design can be used to create betterment. We can smell form letters from a mile away, so show us you really want this.
» Your resume emphasizing any pertinent experience you have
» The URLs to your blog, or any social media profiles you feel comfortable sharing
» Your attention. If you’re missing any of the above items, we may use your application as kindling for our next beach BBQ.

We work hard and have fun doing it! No complaining or bad attitudes are allowed.

How To Apply

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