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Esente Music Group is an independent digital record label that is changing the world with free music.

Esente exists to create social change through music. We marry the songs of the worlds up and coming musicians with powerful messages. If everything goes according to plan young music fans come face to face with anti-bullying or drunk driving prevention public service announcements while downloading free music. In the process, the acts that provide these tunes get exposure they never could acquire on their own.

This is a both a first of its kind and a one of its kind type of deal. Never before have musicians had the opportunity to receive free national exposure while saving the lives of countless music fans with their time and their talent.

The system is actually quite simple. Esente uses music and the Internet to make a difference. Do you know a teenager who isn’t online downloading music on a regular basis?

In the next six months we will digitally release twenty collections of the country’s best up and coming artists. It never costs the band a dime to submit a song or to appear on a release if they are selected. And the musicians always retain 100% of their publishing and royalties.

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"Esente taught me what marketing was all about. Whether it was music based or not, I learned the tools I needed to make it in the real world. I did that by working with real accounts and with real people. The experience I gained maketing Esente's projects and products was unheralded. This is the type of real world experience I both needed and never could have received in a college classroom. "
- Jake F. - Providence College

Esente marketing and public relations interns learn how to market and promote in the real world. They deal with real products and services and learn how to market them. The type of experience gained by working in the actual business world is impossible to learn in the safe and sterile environment of a college campus. We like to say that our team always practices with live rounds. When you apply for a job in the next few years you will be competing with hundreds of other applicants.

Can you find a better way to get hired first than having actual experience under your belt?

Build your resume by working on real world projects....APPLY TODAY!


-Must Have a Laptop
-Love for Music

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