Public Relations & Social Media Internship with Gourmet Food E-Commerce Retailer

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Lobel’s of New York is a gourmet online butcher shop. We offer our customers the finest and freshest meats available anywhere—at any price. For more information on our company, please see

This position would benefit someone who is:
- A Marketing or Communications major, minor, or concentration (or similar)
- A Hotel/Restaurant major with a specific interest in marketing or online retail
- Interested in pursuing a career in marketing or e-commerce

The Public Relations & Social Media Intern reports to the Marketing Manager and also works with the Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Assistant.


- Produce a weekly report of social media activity by our key competitors; present to the Marketing Dept.
- Manage incoming press clippings: sort, decide which to post on our website, post clips online (or prep to post online), file the press clippings.
- Produce a monthly report of our press clippings; present to the Marketing Dept.
- Develop and complete a self-chosen project.

- Depending on scheduling: Assist in creative development of weekly promotional emails and social media activities that market our products to customers
- Participate in any of the following, as they come up:
> Product development, product promotion plans, customer relations activities, and customer management programs
> Advertising and public relations activities, execution of promotional events, and development of partnerships
> Development of collateral materials, which can include concepting, copywriting, photography, and print production
> Website development, structure, and design
> Any public relations, social media, marketing planning, or research tasks


Proficiency in Microsoft Office
A high level of comfort with technology (we are an online business after all)
Knowledge of such marketing concepts as target audience, demographics, ROI, etc.
Any Web development knowledge is a plus, such as HTML code, an understanding of how databases/dynamic webpages work, etc. Knowledge of food industry or passion for food/cooking is a plus. Knowledge of luxury industry is a plus.

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