SALES INTERN: Music Booking, Airplay, Talk. p/t flexible

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We are seeking an intern for a 5 week internship, for at least 10 hours a week, who wants to learn to be a salesperson of music booking-promotion campaigns ongoing after that. We need help emailing musicians so we can show them how our music booking promotion campaigns can help them. Have fun contacting artists and learning about all the different things that they do to market themselves. Did you know that there are over 500,000 places for artists to perform in front of audiences in the U.S.? Look how many there are just in California:

Places To Perform In California:

78,889...Eating Places 
17,577...Elementary & Secondary Schools
11,038...Hotels, Motels, Rooming Houses, Camps
8,100....City Parks and School Parks
5,503....Residential Care Homes
4,917....Drinking Places
4,853....Civic & Fraternal Organizations
3,414....Hospitals and Medical Centers
3,209....Theatrical Events
2,890....Vinyards and Wineries
2,046....Schools, Universities, Colleges
1,865....Musical Instrument Stores
1,854....Museums, Galleries, Gardens
1,666....Halls and Auditoriums
1,525....Public Libraries
1,378....Coffee and Tea Stores
1,311....Retail Music Stores

Our previous interns have been hired by Warner Music Group, Universal, MTV, the Country radio station in LA, music stores, indie labels, the Whiskey, a film marketing company, and even a New York TV news channel. The internship is for 5 weeks, for at least 10 hours a week, and after the 5 week internship you get to become a salesperson, also for at least 10 hours per week + 20% commission ($500 minimum per sale). There is no pay for the 5 week internship because you are just learning and helping another salesperson, but when you finish the 5 weeks and become a salesperson yourself you will get to sell the campaigns yourself, which start out paying $500 commission per sale and up.

Also you may have interest in selling our music radio airplay campaigns for commercial regular rotation, which have been the standard since 1998. Of the iTunes top 100 most downloaded songs, 100% of them were promoted by commercial radio regular rotation! And then there are the talk radio interview campaigns, which are used by authors, indie filmmakers, and consultants in order to reach talk radio listeners.

Full training is provided, as well as school credit if needed. If school credit is not needed then resume' credit and references are given instead. There is no driving, meetings, or going to events or venues required. You must work from our Santa Monica office which is open Mon-Sat from 8am to 7pm. You must currently live in the Los Angeles area (no relocations) and be able to continue working here as a salesperson for at least 10 hours per week after you finish interning (more hours is always better though!). Call or email and tell us about you: 310-998-8305 ext. 83. No walk-ins. Hope to hear from you!

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