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LeaseSource Financial Services, Inc. is a Charlotte based leader in locating capital for small, medium and large sized businesses nationwide. Our primary customer base includes manufacturers, distributors and retail establishments within many categories such as medical, construction, industrial products, grocery, restaurants and many service industries. An internship with LeaseSource will provide you the student with exposure to many facets of business and marketing including finance, operations, accounting, and distribution. One internship also available to work on the team to redesign the company website and update social media interaction as it relates to the new age of mobility. Internship availability: immediate.


Assist and learn as we developing the website and other media tools for the company. Your ability with graphics software and an innate ability with software and cloud programs will make you a great asset to the company during this internship and in turn, you will be involved with a wide variety of training in finance, marketing, sales and operations, basically every aspect of the company. Your involvement with LeaseSource and our affiliate companies will be another valuable asset on your your resume.

1. Build and run innovative apps and websites on the leading cloud platform. The platform is the foundation for amazing apps you never thought possible, so you can engage customers and employees in everything you do.
2. Sell, service, and market in new ways with the leading enterprise social network. Make business processes social, so you can collaborate in real time—in context—from anywhere.
5. Work with the leading marketing, cloud, website, and sales performance management application building a results-driven culture with social goals, real-time feedback, open recognition, and easy coaching

You will assist in setting up applications for critical areas of our business like sales and customer service, partner management, marketing and campaign management, etc. You won't be alone as our team will be learning with you as you input the data and master the program and develop your marketing expertise.


You will already possess excellent computer, website, social media, and presentation development (e.g., PowerPoint) skills. Good relationship skills is helpful. Preferred but not required: Marketing as a concentration within your major(s). Sufficient ability to learn software programs and working in the cloud. Good communication skills a plus. Ability to work independently with deadlines.

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