Sales and Promotional Marketing internship

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Media Press Promotions is seeking to fill internship positions to assist in the staffing and performance of special event and retail promotions, representing large clients such as the Houston Chronicle and other large newspapers.


Selected candidates will:

report to weekly meetings
attend a training class for orientation
memorize company and sales materials
staff special events throughout the city
communicate with comsumers, providing a welcoming and exciting experience
conduct a full open to close sale when capable
keep track of materials and inventory of consumer gifts
will conduct themselves as professional ambassadors of large media clientel


Candidates must possess:

Strong oral communication skills
Ability to memorize scripts, product knowledge, prices, client data and policies
Ability to relate to customers individual needs
A competitive spirit
The ability to problem solve quickly and to work through quick policy and parameter changes
The ability to think independantly
The desire to learn team dynamic, sales strategy and buyer psychology
organizational proficiency

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