Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Internship

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Agency Description: is an Internet publication and educational resource located in San Diego. The publication focuses on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), web development, entrepreneurship, social media, and free mentoring service.

Intern Responsibilities:
Under the guidance of the CEO, Michael G Keating, the intern will assist in growing the publication and other entrepreneurial endeavors. The specific topics that will be handled by the intern are as follows:
- Search Engine Optimization= Understanding what it is, how it can benefit businesses, and how to perform it properly to deliver results
- Pay-Per-Click= Understanding what it is, the best tools to use, and how to implement a specific strategy
- Web Development= Learn to develop Wordpress websites/blogs, how to add content and make changes, and effectively write web content (blog and page content)
- Entrepreneurship= Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the best steps to take to increase your changes of success, and how to analyze business ideas
- Social Media= Understand that social media is more then what you do everyday and how to develop strategies to achieve a particular goal
- Market Research= Learn how to effectively perform market research to make wiser decisions and creative ways to get feedback about products, services, etc.
- Other= Anything else you want to learn or that I feel will benefit you ?


The details will be specific to the hired individuals skills, needs, etc.


Skills Required:
There isn’t a particular set of skills required to enjoy/benefit from this internship. However, having the following will be helpful in being selected:
- Somewhat computer savvy (you can turn it on, navigate the web, and other common functions)
- Interested in websites or internet marketing
- Discipline to work independently
- Personable and outgoing
- Enjoys writing

How To Apply

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