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THE GIP FOUNDATION, INC. is a developing non-profit organization dedicated to the public with the specific purpose to uplift, empower, teach and support at risk female adults, teens and children so that they can become emotionally, physically, and financially self-reliant in order to become mindful contributors to their communities.

Founded by a single mother of three girls, passionate and motivated to encourage, foster and inspire "Girls." Mission to deliver life-changing programs to Teen Youth ages 8 – 16 years
“Mentoring Opportunities” for Young Women ages 16-24. These workshops use 4-parts (arts, health, purpose, & fellowship) & are lead by women passionate about their talents, share these assets in a designed skill-building curriculum.


Will be asked to:
Coordinate online marketing and advertising campaigns
Assist with product launches, affiliates, and funnel creation
Market the seminars and workshops
Manage product creation and organization
Perform administrative duties: e-mail correspondence, note-taking, organization of current materials.


Knowledge: has a strong interest, academic background and/or past experience in marketing strategy, public relations and/or communications; understands how to market via different media forms; has Microsoft Office and internet experience; marketing assistance with NL, PR, and other mediums.
Skills: Strong written and verbal communication; interpersonal skills; flexibility; critical thinking
Abilities: Proficiency in web and computer management; forward thinking, noting possible things needed to be done or issues that may arise
Other characteristics: self-motivated; feels comfortable speaking to people outside the organization via face to face, phone, Skype, etc.; responsible and willing to take the initiative; creative/innovative

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