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Collegesaurus is in search of college students who are interested in media and marketing to become the initial class of a network of Campus Reps. Collegesaurus is a centralized network of college-specific digital bulletin boards/ social news aggregators that provide instant access to all the news, opinions, events, bargains, groups and discussions encompassing a college campus. Collegesaurus aims to provide an environmentally conscious way to spread information across en entire campus community.

Being a Campus Rep means being part of a nationwide network of journalists, media creators, and marketers. Collegesaurus will provide you with the program and the resources to hone your skills and gain experience in what interests you. You will be given the opportunity to plan and execute entire marketing campaigns on campus, as well as the flexibility to explore your creative abilities in locating/ creating content specific to your university. Upon successful completion of the internship, you will have developed an archive of content and knowledge in the form of articles, videos, and photos specific to college life at your university. You will have also gained valuable experience in publishing and marketing. This equates to referable work experience in journalism, marketing, social media marketing, product development, and experience working with a new media startup. Furthermore, full time positions are a possibility after college.

The position is remote and unpaid but offers a unique opportunity to be a part of the next big thing in information sharing and new media publishing for college life!

After a completion of at least one semester, interns can count on a fun Collegesaurus sweatshirt and an AWESOME recommendation if needed!


• Locate and/or create entertaining, topical, and relevant content that will drive members of your college community to your campus Collegesaurus page.
Online - initiate articles on topics relevant to campus life, be an active contributor to existing and new articles, guide and interact with news users to encourage activity.
Offline - document people, places, or events through photography or video to supplement articles on Collegesaurus.

• Serve as a liaison between Collegesaurus and your campus media outlets (newspaper, tv, radio) and student organizations.

• Collaborate with other Campus Reps at your campus and beyond to successfully meet marketing initiatives.

• Create and host events to increase Collegesaurus awareness at your university.

• Identify and recommend additional ways to promote Collegesaurus at your school.

• Weekly progress reports and check-ins with Collegesaurus home base.


• Interest in Social Media, Publishing, Mass Communication, Journalism, and/or Marketing.

• Great interpersonal/ networking communications skills.

• Creative!

• Energetic personality and good sense of humor.

• Ability to work remotely/ Self-starter

• Interested in first-hand experience with a growing & innovative college-centric startup!

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