Sport195, Inc. - Sales and Marketing Intern

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Sport195, Inc.
575 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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• We are a global social sports network focused on all sports, all countries, and all levels to bring people thought though the power of Sport. Quickly our company is developing into one of the world’s largest platforms for sports information. Work with a fast paced and diverse social media team to promote changing the world by empowering and connecting people globally through sport.
• The company is looking for motivated, forward thinking, creative but critical minded individuals. Ideal candidates will avidly follow multiple sports and is currently or once was an athelete. The company works as a team and although directly working with website data, content, the Business Development team and Marketing team on a daily basis the candidate would be cohesively working with the entire company simultaneously.

• Immersing yourself in the sports world
• Interacting with sports enthusiasts
• Helping foster the growth of a pioneering social network
• Job requires keeping up-to-date on all sports news, all day
• Executive level meetings and demonstrations of our site and how it works with leagues, colleges and universities, and prominent high schools, etc.
• Develop an in depth understanding of modern sports
• Learning the connectivity between business and sports and understanding how that relationship develops and is maintained as “sports business” is a new field
• Potentially meet well known athletes


• Understand the layout of the platform and what is required to populate a profile
• Mastery of Powerpoint, Prezi, and/or other presentation methods
• Design and implement a plan for generating additional content
• Coordinate closely with content management, product development, and design
• Monitor the transaction wire for major sports leagues in the United States
• Review product ideas and mockup products
• Work cohesively with the Business Development team for their product needs, for their clients’ product needs, and to keep them up to date on the website's progress.
• Coordinate with the India content team for big long-term content/data projects
• Attend sales meetings


• Have at minimum an undergraduate degree or in an undergraduate program
• Preferably a strong knowledge of sports history, domestically and internationally
• Very strong organizational skills
• Self Motivated
• Leadership skills
• Ideally once was or currently is an athlete
• Excellent communication skills both in-department and across multiple departments
• Singularity of focus on a specific task
• Ability to handle multiple deadlines in a compressed period

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