Tackk Campus Rep/Marketing Internship

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Company Location: Cleveland, OH
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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Tackk is a platform to create simple webpages. We focus on easy creation + sharing.

You'll work closely with the Tackk marketing team to create and execute a marketing plan on your campus. Strategies can include event promotion, sponsorships, social media, advertising, meetings/presentations, and more. The goal is to increase Tackk usage on your campus while maximizing campus resources and opportunities.


What you'll do
- Be an ambassador for Tackk on your campus
- Get in contact with student groups, professors, department heads, fraternities/sororities, bars/restaurants to present Tackk and its abilities. Aim to talk to as many other students as possible, to not only promote and make them aware of Tackk, but also to provoke action of Tackk creation.
- Develop marketing strategies and tactics to acquire new Tackkers; pitch local PR opportunities.
- Leverage on-campus events and activities to promote Tackk; join local social conversation with Tackk messaging and brand positioning.
- Contribute to campus Tackkboard; create specific Tackks to live on main Tackkboard; promote through social media, emails, university resources.
- Provide feedback and input through regular calls and/or Skype sessions.

What you'll get
- Hands-on experience marketing a B2C product
- Relationship building with campus leaders
- Feedback and input about strategies, tactics and ideas from the Tackk marketing team
- Resume builder / letters of rec from Tackk co-founders/leadership team
- Bonus options throughout the school year


A Tackk campus rep is someone who is studying business, marketing, communications or a related field, and has a desire to promote a kick-ass product. Ideal reps are: well connected, hard working and think outside the box. You know your campus well and can tap into resources for maximim exposure.

How To Apply

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