Virtual Entrepreneurial & Marketing Internship

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We build both in-house and virtual teams, construct digital marketing campaigns, and create business development strategy for businesses. Leveraging our technology, people, processes, and social interaction capabilities, we assist our clients in reaching their business development objectives. Our specific methodology integrates, tracks, and analyzes lead generation, telesales, search marketing, social media, SMS, hand-held applications, e-mail, and mobile marketing.

This internship will encompass duties surrounding all of the above areas.


Interns Will Learn How To:

Grow a self-sustaining business development unit of Cognizant Ventures.
Analyze business development, sales, and process deficiencies for both local and national businesses (prospective clients and / or existing clients).
Promote our clients’ brands via popular social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin) as well as through mobile channels and applications.
Master Craigslist to identify and attract potential employees for our clients’ as well as for Cognizant Ventures.
Manage and incorporate a team of both in-house and virtual co-workers.
Educate both sales executives and recruiters on various strategies and channels for client acquisition.
Integrate our virtual dialing system and customer relationship management tools.
Manage a group of individuals and data using Google’s proprietary tools.
Instruct executives and recruiters on how to use their professional, personal, and social networks to acquire clientele.


First and foremost, we are looking for individuals with a personable, upbeat, professional, and likeable personality.
A critical degree of responsiveness and diligence is expected.
Basic levels of proficiency in using the Internet and popular social media websites like Google, Facebook, and Craigslist.
A pro-active and self-directed work ethic.
Comfortable with heavy doses of human interaction.
Basic understanding of marketing concepts and marketing channels.

This is a paid internship. Interns will receive 10% of the revenue that results from their business development efforts.
Interns that fulfill minimum requirements over the sixteen week period will also have the opportunity to own their own franchised division of Cognizant Ventures.
** All interns that have early stage business concepts or ideas are eligible for a free sixteen week entrepreneurial business acceleration program.
Any intern that works with us over a four month trial period will be eligible (based on performance) for a salaried position within our organization.
Minimum commitment is 5 hours per week for eight weeks.
All students that complete the eight week internship will receive a written recommendation from our CEO.

How To Apply

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