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Alamoxie Web Design is my side business for web development and Internet marketing. So far it has been just myself and some overseas contractors, but I have bigger plans. I would like an intern who is ready and eager to learn anything related to the field: WordPress, CSS, HTML, PHP, Facebook advertising, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, and more. There is a lot I can teach. I am an experienced software engineer and a member of Mensa; I know my stuff. I just don't have the time to work on everything that needs to be done, especially since I already have a full-time job programming Android apps.


You will work remotely, anywhere you have an Internet connection. You may work whenever you like; the days you work and the number of hours you work are negotiable.

Every day you will send a brief email stating about how many hours you worked and describing concisely what you worked on that day, including any challenges you are facing. My goal would also be to half a 30-minute voice call every week or two on Skype to answer your questions and give you guidance, not just on job duties, but anything related to Internet marketing or your career.

Specific duties will depend on my needs and your interests and strengths. You could help with a social media marketing campaign for a non-profit organization. You could make and fix websites. You could do research for me and help me develop more efficient processes for delivering high-quality websites to small business owners for reasonable rates, manage contractors, create content, etc.

Although this is an unpaid internship, you will get significant benefit from this. There's the work experience that you can add to your resumé, of course. More than that, I am well able to teach you technical skills, online marketing, public speaking, or offer career guidance targeted for college students preparing to enter the workforce.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


A strong interest in business and technical subjects, an eagerness to learn, the ability to teach yourself and good communication skills. Everything can be learned. If you have any previous technical experience, please make sure to explain it.

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