Marketing Internship with Women's Online Magazine

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We are looking for someone who wants to learn more about digital marketing for an online publication. You have to be good at being organized, detail oriented, and have some interest in online publishing.

Miss Millennia Magazine is an online magazine that is geared towards young professional, college educated women ages 20-30 who desire success and are well on their way there. Our online magazine inspires women to reach their goals and make the transition from college life to adulthood. This magazine encourages young women to make intelligent decisions and inform them about important issues. We give women tips on everyday tasks, informational how-to articles, and current events and causes. All in all, Miss Millennia Magazine, LLC is a place for “Generation Y” women to get all the information they need to stay informed and better themselves.Miss Millennia Magazine, LLC believes in empowerment through knowledge and liberation through education. We want to help women reach their fullest potential with information and support.


-Share content on social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.
-Help develop content marketing calendars based on individual client marketing strategies.
-Assist us in all facets of outreach including building and maintaining social identities and keeping up-to-date on social media trends.
-Write valuable content that will in-turn be posted to our social platforms.
-Support with brand analytics through Google Analytics and traffic breakdown.


- must have some sort of writing and editing ability
- must have some knowledge or interest in Wordpress, writing online, in or social media for business
-Must be willing to commit to at least 10 hours a week of work

How To Apply

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