Writer (Marketing: products, websites, articles, etc.)

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1449 37th Street
Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Hi, I am the Director of Integrated Media for GCNY. I love working with interns and helping them build their portfolio. We now have a superb opportunity for the right intern.
The available intern position is for a WRITER. The writing incorporates elements for Search Engine Optimization. Previous SEO knowledge is NOT needed. This position primarily focuses on writing on a variety of topics. Since, we are a marketing company – your portfolio can get a range of work added during your internship. Currently, we are working with companies ranging from publishers, to sewing supply sellers, to jewelry, Interior Design products, Commercial restaurant distribution, Discount Deal websites. You will likely be helping with ALL and more.


- Have that “passion” for writing and preexisting skills to develop
- Be flexible and enjoy building your skills
- Send a writing sample (should be approximately 300 words)


- Collaborate with and report to the Director of Integrated Media
- Generate fresh ideas for content
- Write on predetermined topics in a timely manner
- Play a hands on role in daily maintenance (client needs)
- Some research of topics
- Some photo finding

How To Apply

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