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We are seeking a writing/marketing assistant to help with the development and implementation of various writing and marketing tasks. We are a national healthy lifestyle coop, helping to create an easy, affordable and convenient solution for achieving wellness.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn advanced writing and marketing skills and to get a considerable amount of experience to build up a portfolio for your upcoming career.

We are looking for a good writer to help write science-based health and wellness articles that are posted to our website on a daily basis. You will also learn how to create articles that are written for SEO success, as well as basic web design skills in Wordpress. In addition, you will be helping with social media management, database management, personalized promotional mailings, assisting with marketing at our provider locations, as well as marketing our products to bloggers and other marketing and PR methods.

Most of the time, you would be able to work from your own home and we would conduct business over email and phone. You would make your own hours provided the work is completed within deadline. We would prefer that you come into our office in Cedar Knolls, NJ for our production meetings on Monday mornings when possible. In addition, we will have certain events taking place in the Horsham, PA area that we would like your assistance with.

While there is no hourly pay for this position, you can be sure you will be getting the experience you need to start your marketing and writing career. We will provide a $250 monthly stipend to cover your expenses, and we will supply you with letters of recommendations.


- Research topics and write science-based health and wellness articles for our website.
- Post your articles into our Wordpress website, find and add corresponding photos, and ensure the articles are written for SEO success.
- Other content-driven marketing tasks that might present themselves based on your skills.
- Interact with people through social media networks to grow those networks.
- Make daily posts to our social media networks and respond to comments made on our posts.
- Inspire sales and completed calls-to-actions from your social media interactions.
- It will be a plus if you know how to add text to graphics. The most effective way to market on social media is through images, so creating “infographics” will be important.
- Compiling and managing various databases, such as bloggers, retailers and service professionals that might have an interest in selling our products, hospitals that we can promote our consulting services to, and possible providers to add to our networks.
- Help with sending promotional and personalized mailings.
- Assist with marketing at our provider location in Horsham, PA.
- Other marketing tasks that might present themselves based on your skills.


- Must have your own computer and Internet connection.
- Good computer skills and a good working knowledge of writing and social media.
- Must be self-motivated and possess the drive to do things right the first time.
- Must be able to put in at least 20 hours per week (we would be open to a full time or part time position based on your schedule)

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