marketing assistant for conferencing and education

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Company Location: The Woodlands, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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Biosolventus advises investors and market participants in renewable energy markets on the specifics of portfolio optimization, production forecasting and electricity trading.

Our team comprises of experienced professionals who more than willingly challenge you to outperform at your tasks. We offer advice and guidance to our junior colleagues beyond the day-to-day business (if you want us to). And if you prove yourself you may well be offered a long-term assignment.

We are looking for an outgoing colleague who can actively support us in the placement of articles, essays, studies in publications serving the energy industry. You would furthermore support us in the placement of our partners at industry events, conferences and educational institutions for presentations and contributions. This should be directed at our current market presence in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

This position will pay based on placements achieved plus your expenses. Please include an indication of what you would expect as remuneration.

You can expect us to give you first-hand insight into the rapidly growing industry of renewable electricity generation, wholesale trading and marketing.

After completing this project you will receive a recommendation letter from us. If you do well and are interested in working with us beyond this position's end date, we would more than welcome the opportunity.


Your task will include the research and evaluation of available options for placements (online/offline publications, universities, conferences). Selection will be done by us partly based on your evaluation. You will further be expected to propose the kind of content to be placed and a way to place it. If you feel confident enough you may submit to us a content proposal of your own, otherwise we will prepare and submit the content to be placed. Don’t worry: this will not have any impact on your remuneration. You may even receive a bonus if achieve placements on your own!

We are looking forward to working with you!


We expect you to be pro-active in your assignments, i.e. report back frequently, ask your questions if any doubt should arise and give us your opinion / share your ideas.

You should have previous experience in this line of work. Please explain relevant examples of work done by you. You should be enrolled or hold a degree in business, marketing, communication or a related field of study.

It might help you to complete your task if you are an outgoing personality with some basic understanding of energy markets. Most of it can and will be learnt though during this assignment (hence no must have)!

You must be willing to contact and follow-up with any identified lead on the phone. Please note, that this position will include a fair amount of cold calling to get the right contact for our purposes.

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