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Silver Connection (SC), established in Oct. 2014, is dedicated to build a family-oriented virtual community “Home”, through mobile internet. SC’s first commercial product, Lynda, is the world’s first REAL-TIME online Interactive business transaction “C2B + O2O” app. Lynda is designed to promote “shop local” in giving consumers the mobile online shopping experience like shopping face-to-face in a real store (yes, real-time back-&-forth pricing & goods spec negotiation).

Upon the establishment of Lynda, SC will continue to build the family-oriented virtual community, “Home”, on top of Lynda’s powerful real-time info exchange feature. The goal of “Home” is to give all families world-wide a virtual home to be together 24/7, and a special focus on senior care. With “Home”, all local communities world-wide could form their community virtually to stay connected.


Position Overview
Silver Connection is seeking 3-4 Marketing Interns to initiate online marketing tasks under the guidance of SC’s Marketing force.


The Marketing Intern’s primary responsibilities will include:

Improve Lynda’s marketability
 Test all features of Lynda to capture all aspects of Lynda’s promotable points.
 Give insight to improve Lynda’s marketability
 Conduct field survey within your community, physical or virtual, to under Lynda’s key promotion points
 Learn how to market Lynda, starting from the group you familiar, physical or virtual.
Marketing specialty writing
 Use the popular internet language in constructing Lynda promotion articles.
 Assist website constructing, especially in text content editing.
 Assist Lynda Marketing document editing.
Reach out to online community for Lynda promotion
 Promote Lynda through all online channels, e.g. social media, bulletin board, discussion groups…, etc.
 Promote Lynda to all local Chamber of Commerce within US.
 Communicating with selected merchants/service providers in promoting Lynda
Analyze and optimize Lynda performance
 Monitor and analyze Lynda’s acceptance in various social groups/age groups/geographic areas; collect inputs for Lynda’s next phase development.
 Work with fellow Marketing Team members on social sharing products.



This position might be for you if:

 Have a mobile device driven with Android 4.0 or higher
 Have a computer for document editing or website development
 Have wireless environment for online tasks
 You know more about online shopping than almost anyone you work with. You stay current with trends in online shopping and technology.
 You live to write, and you especially love pairing your concise, well-crafted posts with captivating photos. You can’t stand seeing typos, misspellings, or grammar mistakes in books and magazines.
 You analyze everything. You’re a testing nerd that loves trying new things, measuring their results, and using what you learn in your next experiment.
 You have strong, experience-backed opinions about what kinds of online shopping features inspire people to take action - and you aren’t afraid to share them!
 You’re looking to work in a startup with an entrepreneurial, goals-driven culture. You exceed expectations. You go above and beyond to make a positive impact on everything you do.
 No prior online Marketing experience required, but you are longing to learn what works are essential for building a community online, and push a marketable product to them.


Required - Article Marketing, Producing Web Content
Preferred - Online Social Networking

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