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About Besser Education:
Besser Education is a small company based out of San Marcos, TX and serving the Central Texas area. We are in the business of getting children as young as three to understand college level science. Often times, this is done through extremely fun activities and experiments - classes, workshops, events, summer camps, after school programs, etc.

By working for Besser Education, you will be getting hands on experience like no other, and will have access to the inner workings of how small companies develop into much larger ones. We are currently have several internship positions available, all of which are available through our website.


Internship Description:
This past summer, Besser Education was one of the first companies in the world to offer children as young as nine an opportunity to build their own 3D printers. This was an amazing feat, but barely anyone knows we accomplished this. This internship is designed to change that in the future, and help Besser Education grow within the community.

Responsibilities and duties may include:
- Write articles to be posted online
- Expand our social media presence through Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
- Develop physical and electronic media kits for parents, schools, and school districts
- Develop a thorough and comprehensive marketing strategy for Besser Education to implement for future use
- Connect with local media outlets so we can have independent news coverage and articles
- Through photography and video document our experiments in a classroom setting
- Assist in the production of our budding YouTube channel

We were recently asked by a Texas State University professor, "What will SJMC students be able to add to their internship portfolios?" We answered with this:

1) Any media kits developed. These kits are submitted to potential clients and current clients for parents to view.
2) Any articles they publish online
3) Any articles they assist in having published through mainstream channels.
4) After completing "Project Photo Shoot", students will have a detailed project outline (3-4 pages long), a compilation of photos from the project, and media created from the project.
5) "Project YouTube" is ongoing. Any students working with this project will be able to produce the video, assist in dictating content, and keep any applicable files.
6) Currently we have a very basic marketing plan in place. Students will expand on this plan, drafting a roughly 15 page document in the process. This will be reviewed, and edited by several departments. Once it has been approved all around, this strategy will be implemented. Students will keep the marketing document, and any other applicable documents.
7) The interns will also be exposed to any other aspect of the business that interests them.

Since most students only take internships for one semester, we likely won't be able to go through all seven points with just one student. However, even a fraction of these items in your internship portfolio would be exceedingly impressive to other potential employers.


How to apply:
As part of the internship we will be teaching you the how to do these responsibilities and duties so you do not need prior experience – that’s why it’s an internship. We are looking for individuals who go above and beyond, are well spoken, excited and passionate!

Please send your resume and a sample of your writing or other work to Your application will be replied to within two weeks.

*Note that skills tagged are preferred, but by no means mandatory. They are tagged so that if you have skills in this area, you can point them out to us in your application.


Required - Creative
Preferred - Social Media, Blogging, Journalism, YouTube

How To Apply

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