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SW & Associates
Posted: March 30 2016
Company Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 6 Part-time, Unpaid

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SW & Associates is a full service marketing, public relations and media relations company looking for a promising intern. Some of the duties of the internship will include:

1. Brainstorm social media post ideas for clients (facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube).

2. Online research (searching and collecting contact for relevant media outlets etc. to pitch for a given campaign).

3. Content creation (sometimes we get to create fun ads and videos and a lot of the time we have to spend hours on a "content stakeout" with a camera on record - so patience and attention will be an important skill here).

4. Writing.

5. Creating presentations etc. for pitches.

The intern won't necessarily be doing all of the above all of the time. Depends on you, your academic and career goals, and what's needed on a given day. We work with Disney, the Federal Govt, athletes, Latin American & Asian companies, beauty & fashion brands, tech companies, & authors. So as you can imagine, there's a lot of randomness in this business.

Hours will be flexible, but deadlines are paramount: most of the time you will be required to do things on your own time. So work will be done by you remotely via your own laptop, with the occasional video/in-person meeting.

All though we are fun and easy to work with, it is important to keep in mind that the clients themselves are all in a "Devil Wears Prada"-style situation. So work ethic and a thick skin are some of the best qualities to have.


Depends on the intern's abilities and goals, and what's required. This internship is dynamic and duties will change from week to week. Expect a lot of brainstorming marketing ideas, brainstorming social media posts, and internet research (and data entry and analysis for the analytical types).


Marketing & PR isn't rocket science, BUT there are some basic attitude requirements. It's important to mention here the reason WHY we started this internship program:

After talking to many of our colleagues, it is clear that there are some major changes going on in the field of marketing and public relations.

1) CULTURAL: Hiring managers are tired of getting job applications from people who have a false view of what the industry is like. Applicants are either "classroom only" with only classroom knowledge OR they have selfish career goals involving money/status/expense accounts instead of a desire to be good at what they do - Neither of which are valuable to hire or promote. Therefore it is important to find and prepare high quality interns with a good attitude who will actually have a chance to succeed.

2) ECONOMIC: Students and Graduates are getting a lot of pressure from their parents to get paying jobs right away. Unfortunately this pressure has caused people to make the mistake of having money motivate their career decisions. Too often, they turn down learning opportunities but instead insist on going for entry level positions just for the paycheck. As a result, we have too many "mail clerk" and "secretary" types in the industry (who will never successfully climb the ladder despite what the movies depict), and not enough people who are valuable enough to succeed with the experience it takes to actually make impact.

3) TECHNOLOGICAL: New innovations will soon require professionals to work in the field, Not in an office. The new force in marketing must be comfortable being on laptops and tablets ON THE GO, doing there jobs from hotel rooms, public places, at home at all hours Without being distracted and without the need for an office setting nor a boss looking over their shoulder making sure they're productive. Anyone who can't work remotely will not make it.

Now, these three industry changes will stand in most people's way of ever getting a job in marketing and public relations. However, a limited few, if they start preparing now, will benefit and be able to have a real career. We have a unique window of opportunity to be able to find such people and give them some real world tasks and guidance so they clearly stand out above the rest.

Even though the time commitment might start as only a couple hours a week, it takes a mature personality to succeed through this internship. SO, if your goal in life is to just get a job, any job, that's good enough to pay your bills and if you make your decisions based on getting the approval of your family and friends - then this is not going to be a good fit. There's nothing wrong with working for a paycheck and caring about "being like everyone else," but this internship is for someone who has the inner strength to become somebody unique and valuable.

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