Marketing Research Director

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The position you are applying for will work with one of my web startup companies. One of my first companies I posted here on was my Valuepon Corporation which had an overwhelming number of internship applicants and I'm working on a few other startups for those new interns, so please be open to a new web startup. Most of my web startups are actually in the Seed venture stage; meaning it has not started selling and is still in the process of getting its web site development going. There's no requirement for you to travel and meet with the C.E.O., Scott Sorgent, but it’s highly desired to have someone working with the C.E.O. in the same city or close by. The intern will need an Internet connection and the ability to email and talk with the C.E.O., Scott Sorgent, either through a free Internet-based telephony service like SKYPE, mobile cell or home phone. In addition, we maybe communicating, sending files and reporting on work through a web-based team collaboration program. The Marketing Research Director position is a simple intern position which requires easy researching and reporting directly to the C.E.O. on the direction the company should make in planning the company's marketing and advertising for the future.


One of the task's the Marketing Research Director will be asked to do is subscribe to, receive their emails, read and analyze each article and chart, then report, recommend, and discuss with the C.E.O., Scott Sorgent, weekly on the possibilities for redirection of the company's marketing and advertising plans to more effectively reach its customers and merchants. The frequency of reports very from week to week from around three every two to three days, but sometimes this will depend on the frequency of the research coming out. Upon successful completion of the internship, the candidate can receive a letter of recommendation in addition to the possibilities of paid employment and stock ownership in a fast-growing company.


Marketing, advertising and/or business college or high school coursework recommended but not required. Students must be at least 16 years of age and may need a work permit for future employment.

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