Personal assistant 22 or younger who can live internationally for at least two years

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Posted: October 03 2015
Company Location: Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Full-time, Paid

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My name is Karim Aoussar, and I am Remar Sutton's current personal assistant. I'm from Denmark.

Remar is interviewing for a new personal assistant.

Remar is Chairman of the FoolProof Foundation, and also a well-known consumer advocate. He is also Chairman of the Trustees of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation in California, and involved in many other consumer advocacy and philanthropic projects.

Remar lives primarily in the British Virgin Islands in the winter and in Denmark in the summer. You'll live in these places, too.

He is looking for a male personal assistant who wants to become immersed in the FoolProof Foundation's work to teach financial literacy and who will also serve as Remar's personal assistant, "running" his at times very complex life.

The way all former interns describe this position: it's exactly like being the youngest son in a very active and well-connected family: you live with and eat dinner with some of the most interesting people in the world, and then wash the dishes. You also help run family projects--all related to the FoolProof Foundation our Walter Cronkite Project or related to Remar's other philanthropic and public service work.

You would live at Remar's residences. In Denmark, you have your own very small thatched-roof cottage. In the British Virgin Islands, you have a private bedroom and bath in Remar's home.

Over the past 38 years, many young people have served in this role with Remar, and many of these young people would be involved in the interview process.

Both the FoolProof Foundation and Remar Sutton are easy to Google.


Managing Remar's minute-to-minute schedule; running the FoolProof Foundation's social media posts (check out "FoolProof Foundation" on Facebook); helping with dinner parties (setting up and cleaning up--but Remar has other people who will be helping you, all young); running errands; vetting high school teachers who want to use FoolProof's free high school financial literacy curriculum; booking travel for Remar and normally traveling with him; writing and editing (if you are good, or want to learn--Remar is a former Washington Post columnist and the author if five fiction and non-fiction books.)

The interns who have enjoyed working with Remar the most are those who have looked upon this job as friendship-based and who also enjoy high-level networking.


You have to enjoy people of all ages, dogs and horses (in Denmark), and you have to be very comfortable in both fancy and formal and country environments.

In the islands, you'll be happy if you love the ocean, boating, and surfing/wind surfing. In Denmark, you'll be happy if you like sports and being part of a large and very close international family.

You'll be happy if you really enjoy being alone at times and can entertain yourself and make your own friends.

But with a moments notice, you have to be ready to entertain and enjoy a very diverse group of friends and extended family. Virtually everyone associated with Remar's life is liberal, and most of us are involved in consumer advocacy issues, so you might not fit in if you are a fan of the tea party and its candidates (Remar was one of the people who originally drafted Ralph Nader to run for President).


Required - Sports, B2B Marketing, Friendly Personality, Advocacy, Highly Organized, Hospitality Projects

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