Sports Marketing Internship

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Overview: To develop the skills of marketing interns and give them real-world experience of marketing outdoor, fast-paced amateur baseball events. Marketing objectives would include: tasks organized pre-event, post-event and most importantly at the events themselves. Interns would be expected to attend as many events as possible during their internship.

Schedule: The internship requirements can be customized to your schedule. Regardless if you’re enrolled in Summer A, B or C this internship will work for you.

About Prospect Wire: Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, Prospect Wire (PW) is an event organizer and scouting service for high school baseball. PW organizes mass-scale tournaments across the United States that feature some of the nation’s top high school baseball talent. A given event can feature anywhere from 16 to 150 teams composed of hundreds or even thousands of athletes.

Event Locations and travel: Events are typically located at MLB spring training complexes in cities such as Sarasota and Port St Lucie, FL.

Stipend, Expenses: This is an unpaid internship unless your school requires otherwise. PW covers your travel expenses such as hotel rooms, food while working at the fields and gas reimbursement. In most scenarios, interns will be expected to room with another intern of the same gender. Finally, our company organizes contests for interns that provide the winners with gift cards or prizes.

Hours and requirements: In order to satisfy your internship hours, interns will be expected to work long days at our events. Typically our interns are up and at the field by 7am. Please be prepared for long days and very hot, humid summer weather. Between the tournaments and weekly work, there’s more than enough hours to satisfy your internship requirements over the semester.

Contact Information: If you would like more information, or to express your interest in the program, please do so ASAP by emailing your resume. If you are selected as a possible candidate for an internship, you will be contacted to set up an interview. The travel, hands-on nature, and sports aspect of what PW offers has made this a very popular internship and there are a limited number of spots available.


Direct Marketing: Serve as liaison between Prospect Wire and our customers. Our customers include high school baseball players, their parents, college baseball coaches, and MLB scouts. Areas of expertise would include face-to-face greetings, printing announcements, and serving as a source of information about the event.
In addition, PW organizes events within our events (such as free nightly seminars during the baseball tournament). Organizing, promoting and creating awareness of these “mini events” is paramount.

Social Media Marketing: Without question our #1 goal for 2015 is to become dynamic and unique with our social media marketing. You will be able to contribute and help build the PW social marketing machine through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, and SnapChat. Taking pics/videos, sharing stories, making collages, etc... All with a marketing purpose!

Transactional Marketing: Promotion, sale and organization of our merchandise tents that offer Prospect Wire shirts, hats, towels and bags.

Freebie Marketing: You will be able to give away free t-shirts, towels, bats, etc. to gain repeat business and create brand awareness. Very similar to promotional marketing but a different end goal.

Promotional Marketing: A major part of welcoming customers to our event is actually taking their money believe it or not. You will be responsible for taking money, handing out tickets or tournament passes, answering questions, as well as promoting our sponsors coupons or products.

Gathering Contact Information for Mass Marketing: Serve as the PW rep during our combine process. Interact with individual players as they check into our events to gather their email, phone number, and social media handles for later use by Prospect Wire.

Digital Marketing: Use cell phone video, camcorders and digital cameras to capture in-game player video to be used for marketing and scouting purposes. Take pictures of action at the ballpark. Take pictures of players to be used on the website during the combine process.

Community Marketing/Customer Relations Marketing: You will be one of the first faces and smiles our customers see as they enter our tournament, many of them for the first time at one of our tournaments. You will be trained and equipped with information to answer questions from parents, players, travel coaches, and college coaches.

Seasonal Marketing: Develop a new event geared towards travel coaches specifically, the event would run during PW’s off-season. Develop seasonal marketing strategies, determine when and how the best time to market is for each event we run.

Viral Marketing: We have new products we’re introducing for 2015, some may have a chance to go viral if we create a unique marketing idea. Try to analyze things that have gone viral in the past and how we can implement some of those ideas for our new features.

Email Marketing

Event Marketing

Outbound and Inbound Marketing


Required - College Applications

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