Management/ startup development MBA internship at tech startup.

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g33ktalk is an international community of software engineers, our aim is to help them level up in their skills.
We create original tech content (CTO video interviews, engineering audio podcasts and email newsletters ) on the platform and training events to equalize software development skills around the world and expand outside the Bay area. It is currently SF, NYC, Moscow, Berlin

For developers: we offer them free content and services to advance in their careers, and screened career opportunities targeted specifically for them

For companies: we offer them a revolutionary way to engage with top engineers across the world


Working under supervision of experienced serial entrepreneur and a world-class marketing manager.
Designing, launching and maintaining company online & offline activities


We're looking for NY-based MBA students that are willing to get exposed to top startups and CTOs in our network and get experience in starting up a company in NYC.

What makes you a perfect candidate
1) goal-oriented, enthusiastic, willing to work long hours and commit to the company's success
2) entrepreneurial in heart, willing to learn what it takes to build a startup
3) organized, self-motivated

What you will do
- assist overall company management
- company strategy development
- marketing strategy

How To Apply

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