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SoGood is the coaching marketplace for missions that matter.

We help nonprofits, social enterprises, and individual do-gooders find the coaching service providers they need to help them make a positive impact on the world today.

We built this marketplace for affordable and flexible options for executive, leadership, and career coaching services because we believe that strong leadership and team culture make the most effective organizations -- and successful missions -- in the long run. Find your life-changing, mission-making guide today in our coach's marketplace.

AUTONOMY - We built our business around the idea that talented professionals should be in charge of their own careers for good. We are in a never-ending quest to help our clients succeed independently. Will we work ourselves out of a job? Maybe. But we're trying to solve a pretty complex challenge, so it may take a while. We don't use pressure sales tactics or upsell our talent clients on things they don't need. We don't do anything for our clients unless we've 1) clearly explained our capabilities and 2) asked if they would prefer that we do the thing we say we can do.

RELIABILITY - We do the things we say we're going to do, always. And, if we don't, we apologize and fix it fast.

MASTERY - We focus our energy not on enabling our clients, rather, we help them master the art of building 1) great cultures to work within and 2) careers that leave a legacy.

PURPOSE - We strive to make purpose-driven work a possibility for everyone. So, we strive to make every second of work we undertake meaningful. And, if it isn't, we figure out why that's the case and fix it.

LOVE - We make sacrifices so that our team can succeed. We show others that we care for them through our words and deeds. How successful was your day? Show us how you went above and beyond to help someone else -- without the expectation of a return.


- Hustle
- Help develop effective profiles of our service providers on our marketplace platform
- Execute screening calls for service pvoiders SoGood database
- Identify & provide outreach to nonprofit organizations
- Identify & provide outreach to service provider leads
- Work closely with and provide ongoing feedback and strategic insight to Leadership Team on how to grow SoGood in your city


If the following describes you, you have a great shot at working with an organization who "gets" you:

1. Fire in the belly - Your passion is serving clients, and you always do the right thing.

2. What you see is what you get - You're a real person and a truth-teller, not a schmoozer or baloney artist.

3. The need for speed - You come in to work every day ready to kick it into 6th gear.

4. All for one, one for all - You rally for and stay loyal to your team.

5. The art of the deal - You know when to work the angles, when to cut the tension with a joke and when to go to bat for a client. Diplomat. Shrink. High-stakes poker player. Stand-up person. The Definition of Cool. Professional.

6. #IHeartTech - You're addicted to email, Facebook, Twitter, “the Gram”, blogs, iPhone. You love technology, technology loves you.


Required - Customer Service, CRM, Sales & Marketing Leadership, Brand Development Strategy, Online Branding

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