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33voices is an entrepreneurial content creation agency that produces extraordinary experiences, both digital and real world, to engage, delight, involve, captivate and inspire people. We do this by identifying the most pressing problems facing entrepreneurs. We search for thought leaders who are providing unique solutions to those problems. We engage them in one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions to uncover the essence of their ideas. We design new frameworks to present and share information. 33voices is based in San Diego, California.

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Us: A big-thinking startup who delivers original ideas and fixates on flawless execution for our clients.

YOU: You must be born to create things. Whether it’s designing a website or building a camera taking bicycle, your passion for creating, obsession to detail and dedication to completion overwhelm every bone in your body. You’re compulsive, risky and never accept “the norm.” But you also have a level-head, real world experience and the ability to combine these two sides of you to create ideas, projects and campaigns that wow yourself and your client.

We’re primarily interested in someone who has a supernatural design sense, is extremely detail-oriented, can keep an eye on the big picture, thrives in the trenches, tracks deadlines like a bloodhound and ultimately has fun doing all of that. Just like we do.

(Ultimately, we're looking for someone who could eventually come to work with us full time. Company culture is vital to us.)


You’ll be responsible for scoping, designing and delivering innovative creative to support experiential, interactive and social media marketing programs. You’ll make use of your strong expertise in aesthetics, design tools and emerging styles to pair marketing solutions with client objectives and needs. You’ll manage and work with multiple resources to bring campaigns to life: creative development, web development, specialty vendors, production partners and other fulfillment counterparts as needed by the program.


General Skills:
• An independent thinker, driven, energetic, and enthusiastic. You are a team player who takes initiative.
• Have an understanding of marketing fundamentals such as strategy, advertising basics and media terms, brand positioning and identity.
• Can liaise efficiently with outside vendors for pre and post-production including vetting, cost-effective quoting, buying and proofing all work
• Love the Internet and emerging web-based technologies.
• Are extremely organized and willing to implement down to the smallest detail.
• Are proud of and prepared to show examples of the work you’ve done.
• Believe there is no try. There is only do.

Creative Skills:
• You design according to client's brand tone, voice and objectives
• You are an expert user of Adobe Creative Suite
• You are a meticulous proof reader with exceptional editing skills
• You find inspiration through a tried and true roster of design blogs and publications to constantly keep you abreast of styles and innovation

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