Videographer/photographer/Music Studio Engineer - For Christian Platform

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Digital media producers supervise the creation of digital content from concept through to delivery. Similar to film, television and news producers, digital media producers hire artists and technicians, oversee idea development and manage financial decisions to bring a project to fruition. Deliver digital versions of content online. Create unique audio, visual and text content, such as blogs and online games, for Web-based publication and distribution. Other digital producers oversee the creation of DVDs, training materials, marketing presentations and podcasts.

The duties of a digital media producer vary by industry. Develop blog ideas for the company's website, and oversee both in-house writers and freelancers to create a regular series of articles. We willvutilize digital media producers to create Web-based campaigns and manage social media presences.


The Digital Media Producer will assist and work alongside with the overseer, Rebirth4Love - Overseer and the Business Manager.

The Digital Media Producer will also assist with marketing, sales and contracts of New Websites, Video Productions and Audio Production.

Must be comfortable with photo, Video & Audio capturing. Prefer someone proficient with Adobe production software, Audio, video editors and computer production studios and audio and video remote streaming.


. Must live in one of the following cities in Arkansas (North Little Rock, Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville)
. Must Provide 3 references
. Must Provide Portfolio

Digital media producers must combine good communications skills with technical knowledge. Completing an experience or continued education in media arts, communications, broadcast journalism, film/television production or other related field can provide the foundation for entry-level work. Coursework should cover interactive Web design concepts and knowledge of popular programming languages and Web platforms, such as HTML, CSS, Java and Flash.

Additional coursework can provide more in-depth knowledge specific to an industry. For example, an online game producer oversees the work of digital artists and software programmers, and may benefit from courses in graphic art, interactive design and a programming language, such as C++. Those producing audio/visual content should supplement courses in basic production techniques with knowledge of different encoding and compression formats for Web publication.

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