Media (Film/ Photo/ Video)

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At SRG Management Firm, creativity is valued as fundamental in the development of businesses and artists into marketable brands. SRG Management Firm is a consulting firm which strives to lead businesses and artists towards the effectual realization of their goals by creating creative content, formulating innovative marketing strategies, and representing the goals of the client with each step.


Media Interns:
- Have the potential to deliver videos and photos that succinctly and clearly tell the desired story
- Ability to deliver videos with cuts, graphics, sound and other elements that convey a quality production value and a level of technical sophistication
- Knowledge of digital videography and photography cameras and equipment
- Experience with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Captivate and Adobe Photoshop


-The internship will operate from several locations, including from the convenience of your home.
-The intern is expected to have a laptop and internet access, must check e-mail and phone frequently.
-Must be able to maintain contact with other team members for daily and weekly conference calls or meetings.
-Interns are expected to commit a minimum of fifteen hours each week to their work for the company, whether at home or another location;

How To Apply

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