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VM Enterprises
Posted: 88 days ago
Company Location: Woodbridge, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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#VMEnterprises is an utility marketing firm specializing in social media networking.

Company Overview
VME works with individuals and businesses looking to expand their brand by providing the traffic and networking to get directly in front of customers and potential partners.
*MEDIA SALES POSITION (commissioned position)

Start a wonderful and prosperous career with us under our 'Internship Program'.
Finding work can be a challenge; lack of work experience can make it even tougher. On-the job-training with our internship program is a real solution that allows you to get to know potential employers while gaining great work experience.

Internships provide work experience opportunities to university students, recent
graduates, the disabled, retired and or even people in employment who are considering career changes and/or opening their own business; who would like more hands on experience within their respective line of work. Employers are willing to hire interns with little or no experience, especially if the intern is willing to accept little or no monetary compensation. However, the benefits of doing an internship go far beyond the pay!


Creating and maintaining social media campaigns.

Developing a social media strategy to engage our customers
Responding to their comments, questions, and complaints
Creating and maintaining our Facebook page
Exploring new and interesting venues to implement our social media strategy (e.g. Twitter, Pinterest).
Generating content for our social media venues (e.g. posting links and pictures to Facebook, sending tweets, adding new board items to Pinterest, etc.)

Going over analytics.

Looking over website sales, traffic, and SEO reports
Identifying trends and patterns in the analytics.


Video Editing
Photo Editing


Required - Content Creation
Preferred - Content Delivery, Content Design

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