Videographer/photographer (For Music Artist - Passaic, NJ)

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Music videos work to promote an artist and his music. These music videos are then watched by fans to promote the record sales of the record and individual. The music video can also expose new individuals to the music, making them potential fans. To make the music video effective, music video producers work with the artist and develop a video to meet their needs and desires.


While there are no true educational requirements to be a music video producer, most music video producers have an education in theater, music or art. Most of the music video producers obtain a bachelor's of arts degree in a traditional school, although the education may be obtained from an online school. There are may be opportunities in which a music video producer may learn on the job.


A music video producer is in charge of the financial and creative aspects of the music video. The music video producer works closely with music artists and visual arts to develop a visual image of the song the video is displaying.

Personal Qualities

A music video producer should be able to work under tight budgets, tight deadlines and strong creative demands. A music producer should also be a creative individual, eager to mix music and video in a creative manner, and display the meanings or stories of the song. A music producer has to pay attention to details and maintain a vision of the overall picture.

Please Provide the following:

3 References
Job History for the past 2 to 3 years
Portfolio of work/passion

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