On-Camera Announcer or Voice-Over Talent -- Virtual Internship, work remotely

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Learn the skill of voice-over or on-camera announcer.
Learn to deal with remote clients
Learn what a "pickup" is
Experience a virtual, collaborative environment.
To be accepted you will need to submit a sample recording of your voice. You can provide links to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The voice-overs will be used in educational and product videos about figure (fine art nude) photography. You will receive credit as an announcer/narrator. Videos will produced and posted to the photography instruction channels of A. K. Nicholas on YouTube and Vimeo.


Record 1 or 2 pages of script per week for a minimum of 5 weeks.
Re-record as required.
Submit audio or video in correct format (mp3, mp4, 1080p, etc.)
Submit via file sharing
Ensure audio is free from background noises.
If shooting video, ensure that lighting and background are appropriate.


Must have a good speaking voice. Foreign/domestic accents are not a problem. We like a voice with character!
Must have access to recording equipment. This means you must have a quality microphone and/or HD video. If you are recording video, you must have adequate lighting.
Must have a quiet place to record.
Must be able to submit files electronically.

How To Apply

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