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If you're reading this, it's not too late. spoiled Media is looking for an incredible editorial apprentice who will assume a hybridization of duties assumed by current social media intern and managing editor. Namely, we're looking for anyone dope enough who wants to learn essential skills in the ever-changing media company game. We might be looking for you. Who can say, though?

What is spoiled NYC? spoiled NYC is the digital platform for spoiled Media. Basically, we're curating and creating wildly unique millennial experiences for New Yorkers. We’re telling you where to find the best drinks, eats, date ideas, concerts, and exciting things to do on the weekend, month, and season as a whole. We're also creating our own experiences through events and giveaways with small ventures both within the Greater New York City area and around the country. Staycation at The Roosevelt Hotel? Done. Extravagant getaways to Boston and Miami? Also done.
Oh, we also do slick native advertising campaigns, nterview features with people like Tituss Burgess, investigative narratives, pop-culture recaps, reviews, and previews, and list-based stories.

We’re doing big things, and we’re on the move. Wanna start movin’ on up with us? Kewl. We’re looking for an apprentice. We’re looking for someone like you as long as you’re someone interested in the grind more than what it gives you, interested in learning everything there is about the content we’re currently writing and the content we want to write.

To be considered for this position you must: Familiarize yourself with spoiled NYC, include a resume and cover letter detailing why you’d like to work with us, 3-5 brief story pitches for spoiled NYC, available to work in our NYC office 20-30 hours/week, Mon-Friday


-Apprentice will perform an array of organizational and editorial tasks to aid spoiled’s editorial process, in addition to contributing stories and generally assisting editor/writer in
-Success will be measured by tape measure only. Kidding. Success will be measured in how quick you can get down the day-to-day tasks of the editor and writers. Basically, you’re learning everything all at once, and then we’re taking baby steps to examine what you’re best at to see how we can utilize you.
-Learn branded content strategies
-learn how to publish things on site
-Edit, provide media, and publish content on site
-learn our content distribution processes
-pitch ideas for standalone features or consistent fixtures
-talk about what media and culture you’re consuming
-Fight people (but not too many)
-Research content ideas to the fullest extent
-Recruit freelance writers for regular contributions
-Reach out to events for media coverage
-Quick and thorough in learning all of the "learning" things listed in responsibilities.
-Quick turnaround on researching, editing, publishing and distributing materials to and from writers and editors
-Understand the spoiled voice and how it is applied in the headline and features formats
-Always thinking about content with an eye not only for what is already being done, but what must be done next


Ideally you are:
-a writer with solid academic/grammatically stable background and creative interest
-familiar with copywriting in some facet (even if it’s just an abiding love for Mad Men, we don’t judge) -pop-culture savvy, but not just someone who knows who Kanye; someone who is interested and regularly consumes TV, Film, Music, books, sports-- everything
-someone who can translate relatable interests into engaging content
-keen editorial eye
-quick learner
-journalism background is preferred, but not at all necessary
-down to grind for a little bit (Learning > Earning)
-not a terrible person
-Have a college degree or are well into the throes of obtaining one
-Tentative SEO knowledge
-Eye for detail
-Grammatically sound
-Good at asking questions.
-Good at recognizing when to ask questions.
-Not afraid to ask questions at all.
-Consumer of pop culture: We want to know what you're watching, reading, listening to, etc.

-Someone either not in the Greater NYC area or within commutable distance of
-someone with limited scope of writing ability. We’re not looking for TV bloggers, music bloggers, film bloggers, food reviewers, or any singular need. We're looking for the multi-faceted. We’re looking for someone with an interest in maybe 2-3 different things but the competence and wherewithal to write about a million things.
-Entitled goons. You’re here because you want to learn. This is a place you want to be, but it’s going to be a grind.
-People bothered by other people shouting “Skooooo!” when something good happens.
-Bare bonesy. We are not in the business of writing listicles because we have nothing to say. We are smarter than you think. Nearly everything we do is for a reason. Come learn why.

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