Medicaid Specialist

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Federal Reserve Bank Building, 100 N. Independence Mall W - Suite 5NW
Philadelphia, PA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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Healthcare Receivable Specialists, Inc. (HRSI) is looking for a qualified intern to join our Company. HRSI is hired by hospitals to help complete Medicaid/Medical Assistance Applications on patients who may potentially qualify for benefits under the Medicaid/Medical Assistance Program. We are seeking an intern in the Philadelphia area who can participate in the various stages of obtaining the MA application along with all of the necessary documents required by the County Assistance Office to determine eligibility. This intern should be prepared to work in fast-paced hospital environment. THIS IS A NON-CLINICAL POSITION.


Complete the Medical Assistance Application, screen for disability and complete the hospital charity care form with patient/family member or guardian.
Update computer system daily.
Complete Medical Assistance production reports daily.
Form 1663 must be taken to appropriate physician within 24 hours of completing the application
Secure all releases, waivers and questionnaires needed and leave patient with pending documents check list.
Prepare applications for drop off at County Assistance Office and follow up at patient's home if needed.


HRSI is looking for an undergraduate student in the Philadelphia area who is majoring in Liberal Arts, Social Services and other healthcare-related course work. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be detail oriented, and able to work independently. We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook. The job requires a substantial amount of sitting, walking and light lifting; some driving may be involved. Medicaid Specialists are required to make a monthly goal.

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