Backend developer for music social network

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Overview of We are a fast growing internet start-up based in New York City. Eshac is a music based social network with the aim to sign Artists, Bands and Groups. Unlike other sites, Eshac is completely driven by a community of Fans and Artists, with contracts awarded to those who earn them. Each Artist uploads a song to their profile and encourages fans to listen to their music, rate them and follow them. Each Artist starts with a Rating Level of 0 which increases with user interactions. When an Artist reaches a Rating Level of 5, they are rewarded with a single song contract. When they reach Rating Level of 10, they receive a full recording contract. This business model allows the fans to have control and drive the future of the music industry.

The Role: Being a part of the Eshac team will require you to assist in all aspects of the company from contributing and testing ideas to researching various trends within the market. We are looking for someone who can take on the challenges of the music industry and influence artists and music lovers with the idea and purpose of Eshac.

This is an opportunity to join the Eshac team at an early stage which will allow you to progress within the company. This hands on experience will force you to think on your feet, make influential decisions and contribute your ideas with confidence as they can impact the company and music industry.


The main two types of role will be backend development and managing the external development team. A few of the types of roles include:

Maintain the current site
reduce bottlenecks
increase security
improve recommendation systems
Develop new features
split testing
algorithm implementation

This position will include some very standard roles as well as allowing you to create features that have never been done before.

Growth Opportunities:
This internship opportunity is presented with a transparent approach where each team member has direct insight into their future with Eshac. Our Career Progression Plan, which is presented with each position, allows our interns to understand exactly what he/she needs to accomplish in order to become an employee at Eshac.


A minimum of one degree in computer science (or similar)

6+ years of programming experience. Please note that this includes programming as a hobby.

Main languages:
- PHP (preferred)
-C++ for mobile (not required but is a bonus)

Applicants must be US citizens

How To Apply

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