Digital Writing/Content Internship

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So you want to be an intern. That’s great! We love giving students an opportunity at furthering their career goals in a fun, musical and fast paced environment.

Here’s a little bit about CBS Radio. We encompass seven radio stations in the Charlotte market: Kiss 95.1, K 104.7, Power 98, WSOC 1037, V 101.9, The Fan 610 AM and CBS Sports 1660. Most interns will spend time dabbling in all of the aforementioned stations. Whether you’re interested in promotions, marking or digital we want you to have the most well rounded experience.

Your focus will be promoting the stations above, giving people an opportunity to experience one-in-a-lifetime promotions all while being social with those around you and at events.



You'll be doing a multitude of tasks that will vary from day to day. But expect to at least do the following:

Light administrative work (including filing, comp reports, calling winners, random office duties)

Researching, brainstorming and writing online content on a wide variety of topics. Mostly music centered but can range from lifestyle to current events.

Producing photo driven galleries with strong editorial backgrounds.

Willingness to work in a team-centered environment.

Some graphic design.

Have a great attitude and personality (since you'll be dealing with people a lot, it's important you show listeners a positive experience)


There are a few requirements for anyone seeking a digital content internship at CBS Radio.

You must be pursuing a Communications or Journalism degree. Also, all internships must be for college credit.
You must have a flexible schedule. We'll work with your school schedule but plan to at least give up 10 hours a week, if not more.
You must be available some nights and weekends. The music industry doesn't always work on a 9-to-5 schedule. Sometimes we have to be at a late night concert or an early morning artist interview or even a Saturday night show at a club. It all depends on what comes through town and we can't guarantee you'll be home before dinner every night.
You must be enthusiastic with a love for music and writing. Our main goal is to write, write, write. We spend lots of time updating our websites, developing content and getting information out to the masses. If you don't like writing, this internship isn't for you.
You must have at least a working knowledge of these programs: Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas (or any video editing software that you own) and Wordpress. We're a little more lenient on the knowledge of Wordpress because we can teach you, but we prefer you know how to work a photo editing program with ease.
You must provide 3 writing samples with your resume. They don't have to be Pulitzer prize winning novels, but three 200-300 word samples will be just fine.

How To Apply

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