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An exciting new company aiming to be the leader of online instrumental marketing for recording artists. This position has plenty of opportunity for the intern to move forward and also provides the intern with opportunity to earn money from day 1.
While being an intern networking trough our company you can earn jobs trough our booking system, you can also earn a commission on the sales of any works you have contributed to.

We provide intern with all the loops and sample sets for day to day duties.

Opportunities for top tier positions available.


Compiling loops and samples into structured songs (Ex: Intro, Verse, chorus, break, verse, chorus, outro, etc)

Mixing and bouncing stems of the arrangements.

Basic mastering of the arrangements.

Delivering files and stems via cloud storage.


Networking and promoting company website and social media pages.

Basic maintenance of social media sites.


Must understand BASIC music theory & song structure.

Must be familiar with a leading DAW

Must understand the use of loops and samples.

Currently enrolled in Audio Technology school preferred.

Must have Basic to advanced mixing skills and the knowledge of delivering mix stems

Basic knowledge of mastering.

Must be Familiar with Hip Hop, Pop & RnB music.

Must be familiar with the use of drop box and cloud storage.

For bonus opportunities online networking and marketing skills preferred.

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