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Slovak Dances LLC is a cross-media (transmedia) music company currently working on two large international projects involving recordings with major orchestras, film/video shooting, social media, etc.

One of the projects is tentatively entitled "Beatles Go Baroque Part-2". It's a follow up to the first album. Listen here: http://peterbreiner.com/web/music_details.aspx?ItemId=312452

We are working out of New York City but the participating R&D team member could be based anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

The project is currently underway for this year.

The position is for someone who can act as an investigator and gather a broad range of information that tracks the life of this particular album: http://www.amazon.com/Beatles-Go-Baroque-Peter-Breiner/dp/B000056PQ2

In the last 27 years:
1) How many orchestras have performed the songs on the album live both legal and illegally?
2) What songs have been performed the most?
3) How many websites both legal and illegal provide downloads of the album in whole or in part?
4) What articles have written about or mention the album directly or indirectly?
5) How many albums have been sold in the last 27 years?
6) How many videos featuring the BGB original compositions being performed in some fashion can be found online (links). From professional Orchestras to young musicians filming this themselves.
7) How many versions of the album currently exists both legal and illegal?
8) How does the album rank in the classical music genre?


The tasks will be on a piece-by-piece work bases. We'll discuss before what part(s) of the project you intend to investigate, how much time and effort you're willing to invest and we'll set up some goals according.

Full credit will be provided.
Letter of Recommendation can be provided as well.


No certifications required. Experience would be useful. Please tell us what kind of experienced you bring to such a project.

Seeking a diligent researcher to create a very useful database that will be vital in how we create and release the follow-up works.

Visual data designer or web developer a plus.

Classical Music/Beatles fan a major plus.

How To Apply

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