Record Label __ Campus Marketing Rep

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Hit Records Worldwide
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 15 Part-time, Unpaid

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HRW __ Hit Records Worldwide (please see;

Record Label Campus Marketing Reps:
Hit Records Worldwide has just launched a new marketing initiative; "Campus Marketing Reps." Initially, this project will focus on three new bands on the HRW roster (please see;

The desired intern should have a huge passion for music and want to contribute this very special project.

We are looking for individuals that can run circles around the rest of them - smart, clever, innovative, able to think independently, not afraid to talk to people and be a hands-on learner.

Intern Position Details:
- This is a Virtual, non-paying internship
- This position reports directly to the Regional Manager within your division
- Hours per week are flexible - will try our best to work around your schedule. We want to begin in September.
- We will coordinate with your university internship program such that you can receive credit for the internship, if you so desire.


This is a hands-on position requiring you to get out, meet people, sell and follow-up with contacts

1) Develop contacts with your college radio station (via; email, phone calls and fact-to-face meetings).

2) Hand deliver any new singles, EP’s or Albums to your college radio station and try to convince them to play (or put into rotation) the new music.

3) Promote assigned artists / bands on personal social media accounts (minimum of Instagram & Twitter) in attempts to get students to call radio station to request our songs focused on getting songs into rotation if possible.

4) Put up promotional material (if and when) one of our artists / bands will be performing in your city or at your college.

5) Attend, and report on any local festivals and events in your area that have artists / bands performing whose music is in-line with HRW’s music.


A passion for music and the desire to send a POSITIVE message out to fans. Hit Record's mission is to provide inspirational and positive music to listeners. If you love music and want to be apart of something very special - then please apply.

Preferred majors:
No specific major is required. However, an intense love of music is.

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