Vocalist Singers/Music Artists (Looking for Singers ONLY!!!) Rock, R&B, Pop, Soul, Opra, & County

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1626 n. wilcox ave.
Hollywood, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Part-time, Unpaid

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Looking for Female or Male Reference Vocalist Singers for studio recording as an Intern. Projects will be granted to use for your Resume/Bio/ or Reels. Recommendations & referrals will be granted as well. All Assignments are confidential and are the sole property of Scorekingz, and to which is not available for public viewing. However If interested, and your looking to "Team Up" with a great, energetic, fun & creative production team..... then were looking for you!!!!
Please send your music bio's or links to scorekingz@gmail.com

Sometimes we may have openings for music composers, but ONLY if mentioned. However, at this time we are not.


MUST BE ABLE TO SING & RECORD MUSIC!!!! Unfortunately, You will not be allowed to discuss/ or present any of the given assigned projects to the public unless as needed for your Resume/Bio/ or Reel purposes or unless giving permission to do so. All Assignments are not allowed to be used for any personal, promotional, or any business purpose. We Thank You for your cooperation.


You must be able to SING & Hold Notes!!!!!! (Not looking for Autotune Recorders--Sorry)!!!! Must have access to your own recording studio (we will not be responsible for any recording fees) However, Scorekingz will be handling the mixing & mastering. Must have access to a computer for communication through via email, Skype, Sendspace, downloads, or through telephone communication. Some projects will be done in person in our Burbank or Hollywood, CA recording studios (for those who are local). We need "Active Vocalists" who are available to work within 24-72hrs once we contact you with an assignment. You must be able to complete assignments before its deadline. Must be able to work with a fast pace environment. Promptness is a key to our company. Must be a team player and easy to get a long with.

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