Music-Record Production/Recording Engineering Internship-Orlando, FL-(Fall-Winter '16)

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Music Production & Recording Engineer Internship-(2016-'Serious Applicants Only'): Position entails working with entertainment industry talent, & major entertainment entities on composing, producing, & recording projects with emphasis on writing, arranging, recording, mixing, & mastering audio portions of releasable media. This position will be onsite & virtual.

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Note: Details of this internship may vary depending upon the internship status whether paid, paid with college credit, or unpaid-college credit mandatory. This listing is paid with the option of paid with college credit, or unpaid-college credit mandatory, but due to position listing options limitations thru the paid college credit, and unpaid-college credit mandatory details are available subsequently via interview.


Composing, and arranging music, documenting production notes and album/single credits, researching production, and performance techniques, importing, editing, & exporting of audio files, organizing, & labeling recording session items, setting up, & taking down recording studio instruments, & equipment, storing & maintaining instruments, recording equipment, maintaining recording facilities. Recording, & mixing in recording sessions in the advanced, & final stages of internships conditional upon demonstrated qualifications, & performance during the internship.


Potential interns must preferably be college Sophmores, Juniors, or Seniors, have a primary instrument that they play(or be a vocalist), be proficient at using Apple Logic Pro X & 'must be proficient' at using Pro Tools software to the degree where they are able to perform the following tasks A thru E:

In Pro Tools (including via 'short cuts', or 'key commands') applicants 'must' be able to;

A-Open Pro Tools sessions both new, & pre-existing.
B-Map out label & color code preexisting audio & instrument tracks in the order that Producers & Engineers specify.
C-Create new audio & instrument tracks, and label & color code them.
D-Route audio signal into tracks.
E-Route audio signal out of tracks

Additionally, individuals should possess good communication skills, & a competent overall knowledge of audio production, basic music theory, and be familiar with music production logistics, & recording studio etiquette.

Recommendation: Those individuals unfamiliar with Pro Tools, and seeking to learn it should look into acquiring the 'free' version of Pro Tools called 'Pro Tools First' available at & viewing the multitude of instructional videos available online at Avid's website as well as Youtube.

Advisory: This is a technically 'hands on' internship. If you are not minimally proficient at using Pro Tools software to the degree where you can perform the previously listed tasks A thru E 'do not apply' for this position until you can meet the Pro Tools proficiency requirements because you will be tested.

Additionally, if you are not available for a video conference Apple FaceTime, or Google Hangouts interview (between 3pm & 9pm EDT Monday thru Saturday) within 2 business days(business days for us are Monday thru Saturday) of your application, and hire, training, and scheduling within two weeks of your application submission then 'do not' apply until you are because the application, and screening process is 'swift', and 'thorough' with the goal being to assertively vet, recruit, & develop talented individuals that may potentially work with us a team member, &/or associate of our company, and major-music publishers/major record labels we are connected, and/or affiliated with.

Note: Make sure to provide a cell phone number for text notifications, and a external = email address that you can receive email attachments thru in order to 'complete' the application process(the email system does not provide a means to send email attachments to applicants). If you do not follow the directions listed anywhere in the application process your application 'will be rejected'.

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