If you seek a high-powered internship to prepare yourself for the professional workforce, look no further than the Big Apple. New York City is the center of economics and culture in the U.S. Here's where you can eat at an inexpensive restaurant for 15 bucks and meet people from every walk of life. Get takeout any time of the night and enjoy world-class entertainment and museums. Sitting on a bench in Times Square can deliver hours of fun. 

Choosing a NYC internship begins with studying the cost of living and available job opportunities. NYC is the dream location for landing an internship, but you will have to account for the high rent prices. Even with a high internship income allowance, your rent price anywhere in the city will constitute a huge chunk of your monthly budget.

NYC internship experiences are priceless, worth some clever budgeting during your stay. Explore opportunities with private companies and nonprofits and discover why people love New York City. You could intern with a heavy equipment sales manager or an assistant to a fashion buyer and every career in between and gain invaluable industry experience. Working with professionals helps mold you into a future colleague.

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