Case Management/Social Work Intern, Tallahasseeleon Homeless Shelter

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Tallahasseeleon Homeless Shelter
480 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL
Posted: 628 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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The Tallahasseeleon Homeless Shelter is a facility which provides emergency per night accommodations to an estimated 250 homeless men, women, children and families in downtown Tallahassee, Florida. The Shelter initiated a case management program during 2013. We currently have fifteen university interns from four universities, including Florida State University, FAMU, Thomas University and Troy University. We also have interns who are not affiliated with a university.I perform as the Case Management Internship Supervisor for the Shelter. An internship provides the opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to "real world" experiences. Internships may be completed year round. As a member of the shelter team, with supervision provided by the myself and the executive director, the intern performs case management activities to facilitate the maximum function and coping capacity of shelter residents while following shelter policies and procedures. Interns will interview residents, identify their needs, connect them to available resources and assist with paperwork as needed. Intern will work with residents on a one to one basis to develop and implement an individualized case action plan. I welcome an opportunity to speak with you regarding an internship with the Shelter. If you are interested in our internship position please contact me at 850 264-1392 /
Karen De Rosier, MSW, MPH


Duties and responsibilities include:
1. Perform needs assessments with shelter residents and assist them in securing tangible services such as transportation, employment, medical attention, etc. through agencies and organizations 2. Maintain a familiarity with community services and resources for referrals and assistance 3. Assess progress and assist residents with moving forward with their case action plan activities 4. Identify and resolve barriers with residents 5. Assess progress related to a resident’s case status focusing on housing transition and sustainability 6. Serve as an advocate, on behalf of residents, with securing services and resources in the community 7. Interact and work collaboratively with community organizations, shelter residents, visitors and others in a customer responsive and professional manner 8. Maintain current progress reports on all active cases, in an approved manual or electronic format 9. Consult internship coordinator or acting director with questions and concerns and 8. Participate in case management program development planning and brainstorming activities.


NEED: Without the guidance of case management, homeless individuals and families have a difficult journey to self-sufficiency and have higher levels of returning to the shelter. Navigating the complex human services delivery system can be difficult for clients-particularly those with many barriers. The homeless population often has a variety of challenges including mental health diagnoses, physical disabilities, substance abuse, domestic violence and poverty. Shelter clients will be assigned and required to meet with a case management intern. The intern will perform case management activities which will include but are not limited to : assess household and indi-vidual client needs, determine the best plan of action to address those needs, provide counseling, facilitate access to the services and available resources necessary for self sufficiency and housing stabilization, follow up to ensure that client referrals were completed and tracking and
documenting client progress.

SOCIAL WORK INTERNSHIP: Highly skilled and effective case management interns are becoming a core component of shelter services. The shelter currently has seven internship positions which we are recruiting for immediately. These internships are designed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire professional skills while earning college credits. These skills are beneficial to students whether they plan to pursue a graduate or professional degree or seek employment in a related field.

An internship provides the opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to "real world" experiences. Internships may be completed during the fall, spring, or summer terms. An internship improves the student’s chances of success after college by:
o Standing out an internship on a resume helps a student stand out from others as a candidate for a professional job or graduate school
o Understanding understand the expectations of a chosen profession and increase a student’s understanding of self ( strengths, what needs to improve, aspirations)
o Capabilities develop capabilities/skills needed in the social work profession or graduate school
o Critical Assessment help critically assess career options
o Experience gain professional experience to increase job marketability and help succeed in a professional job
o Social Networking create valuable professional networks to help find jobs or get into graduate school
First and Second Year MSW students are preferred, however, well qualified undergraduate students may be considered.

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