City Vision Internship: The Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.

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City Vision Internships is a Christian one-year, multi-year or summer internship program based on the AmeriCorps model. Interns serve at one of over 40 positions across the USA and Canada. In the past 10 years, we have placed over 500 full-time interns and 68,000+ volunteers in hundreds of Christian ministries.

Intern Responsibilities:
•See to the general safety and security of ministry programs.
•Secure the building and set alarms as required each evening.
•Maintain appropriate operating procedures for treatment program.
•Fill out a nightly reports and give to the Director, Tay Henderson.
•Work with entire mission staff as a team member.
•Work with volunteers as needed.
•Incorporate the philosophy of Lighthouse Ministries in every aspect, whether dealing with staff, residents or donors.
•Related duties as assigned.
•Responsible to maintain homework assignments on time, and devote at least 15 hours a week to the required homework.

For Interns with a Bachelors Degree: One Year Paid Internship
•Housing is provided by hosting ministry (or a cash equivalent living stipend).
•Volunteer Interns paid a living stipend from $200-$600/month (depending on site).
•Free tuition in City Vision College for a full year paid by hosting ministry. (Optional)
•Expectation is typically 40 hours of volunteer work per week.

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•Must have a bachelor's degree.
•Must be a Christian with a positive Christian testimony including a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
•U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawful permanent resident alien, or have a valid student or work visa
•Able to make at least a one year commitment (may be extended by mutual agreement)
•Able to financially live on just free housing (and stipend if you opt for the One Year Paid Internship) and any outside income sources you have.
•Able to relocate to a location of a ministry site (unless a site exists at your current location)
•Maintain a valid driver license and clean driving record.
•Freedom from all controlled substances including tobacco.
•Live in housing provided in accordance to residency requirements.

How To Apply

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