Disaster Response Internship Program

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The Humanity Road Disaster Response Internship Program is a volunteer* virtual emergency response internship program designed for college students and those needing other supervised experience. Interns learn online how to do crisis mapping, support first responders during a disaster, work with emergency management professionals and gain valuable experience. Join us for an internship like no other. Use emerging innovative information aid tools and check online messages for urgent needs of those affected by disaster.
About Our Work
1. Disaster Response - We specialize in retrieving actionable information online at the onset of disaster by finding urgent messages in the noise on social media. By request Humanity Road will activate to provide surge support online for media monitoring and on site for community based communications solutions.
2. Disaster Preparedness - We aid in exercises, drills, and table top events. We can help in social media planning and execution for exercises including simulating the crowd and simulated crowd maps. We also provide public service campaign amplification in social media.
3. Process Improvement - We work to improve the disaster response process and to offer customized training for emergency responders on the use of social media and crisis mapping.

Humanity Road provides interns with expert knowledge in social media for emergency management (SMEM) offering participants the potential for real-world, valuable learning opportunities. We offer 5 different internships:
Public Information Office-Public Relations Intern
The Public Information Officer for Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM)
Social Media Listener (Reporter)
Volunteer Management Coordinator
Animals in Disaster Social Media Reporter


The responsibilities differ among the 5 internships . To see details, go to http://humanityroad.org/volunteer-opportunities/


All Applicants send the following to intern@humanityroad.org
1. Resume
2. Cover letter that includes your internship goals, contact information and volunteer experience
3. Two references with complete contact information including phone and email addresses

College Intern Applicants
In addition to the items listed above, send the following to intern@humanityroad.org
1.One reference letter must be from your instructor or department head with permission to take part in the Humanity Road program for course credit and listing any specific requirements other than those in the internship description
2. You must provide specific program requirements, including
a. Number of hours required (minimum/maximum)
b. For academic credit internships the number of credits received upon completion of the internship
c. Paperwork requirements for Humanity Road
d. Specific program related learning goals
e. Required assignments/project such as: journals, presentations, or papers
You must include an unofficial school transcript with GPA
Be sure to send documents needing written approval by Humanity Road to intern@humanityroad.org at least two weeks before college registration deadline.

Community Interns send the following to intern@humanityroad.org
1. If the internship is for an organization or a service program (e.g. AmeriCorps), send documents needing approval to intern@humanityroad.org
2. One reference letter must be from person supervising your internship for the organization or service program and include
a. Number of hours required (minimum/maximum)
b. Paperwork requirements for Humanity Road
c. Specific organization or program related learning goals
d. Required intern reports, e.g., journals, projects,

If you do not send the required documents, your application will not be considered.

How To Apply

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