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A grant writer writes proposals and completes grant applications in order to secure financial support from a private or public organization. In most cases, a grant writer finds funding sources for the organizations that employ him. These organizations work hard to improve the community by addressing public issues and responding through service. These organizations cover everything from local non-profits to public municipalities. They rely on funding resources to keep them afloat.


Education and Training Requirements

There is no special degree or certificate necessary to become a professional grant writer. Many expert grant writers get their start working for colleges, universities, non-profit organizations or community centers. Some are appointed grant writing duties and learn under the guidance of more experienced writers or their organization will pay for them to take continuing courses at a local college or university. There are also courses available through community foundation centers. There are also annual technical assistance workshops sponsored by federal and state funding agencies that teach the details of grant writing.

A grant writer needs good written communication skills. He should have good grammar and spelling skills to start. He can take a grammar or English composition course through a continuing education program as a refresher. The more practice a grant writer gets writing, the more confident and skilled he will become naturally.


Grant Writing Duties

The grant writing process includes researching grant funding opportunities and locating funding sources that complement the organization's program needs. Once a viable funding source is located, it's time to write the proposal. Those in the corporate sector refer to it as a grant proposal, whereas government grant writers usually refer to it as a grant application. Once the proposal is complete, the writer submits it making sure to follow any special instructions provided by the funding source.

A grant writer has to stay organized in order to follow up on any correspondence for the funding source. She looks for information saying that more information is requested, stating that the request is being tabled until further notice or that the proposal is rejected.

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