Internship Listing Info for Healthy Body Healthy Life (non-profit) - Marketing

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Healthy Body Healthy Life
Company Location: Alexandria, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Internship Listing Info for Healthy Body Healthy Life
Job Type: Intern
Career Level: Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)
Category: Marketing/Sales/Fundraising
Requirements: None

Job Description
Healthy Body Healthy Life is looking for a qualified and motivated individual to join our team. Our non-profit is quickly expanding and we are seeking an intern to help us produce high-quality marketing materials, as well as participate in various stages of marketing campaigns. This intern should be prepared to organize and monitor our small, but expanding, on-line store. In addition, they will assist play a key role in our fundraising team, reaching out to the community for support of our non-profit efforts.

This intern should be prepared to work a minimum of 10 hours per week, not including participation in events. The benefits of this position include gaining experience in marketing, working with a non-profit organization, developing local community contacts, and health/wellness knowledge that will last a lifetime.

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Please email with your resume and a one-paragraph description of yourself. Please include your future ambitions and your reason for desiring an internship with Healthy Body Healthy Life.


Assist in the creation of business cards, signage, email blasts, flyers, etc.
Assist in the printing and distribution of marketing materials
Assist with the execution of wellness day events, fitness training certifications, fitness classes, etc
Prepare presentations
Support website/social media efforts
Assist in organizing, coordinating and developing the HBHL store
Assist in prep of sales materials (both product development and delivery)
Assist in fundraising letter prep and distribution
Contact local community organizations for support/donations
Assist in the preparation of grant applications


HBHL is looking for an undergraduate or graduate student in the DC area who has experience or education in Marketing or Sales. This person should have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Microsoft skills (powerpoint, word, excel) are required.

How To Apply

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