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Camp Augusta
17530 Lake Vera Rd
Nevada City, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Full-time, Paid

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Camp Augusta is about FUN with all of the activities you’d expect, but also so much more. In a small, tight, true community set in natural splendor, campers develop self-confidence, independence, social skills (emotional intelligence), creativity, activity skills, environmental awareness and appreciation, friendships, and healthy living skills. Campers also learn what most modern children have forgotten -- how to simply play and be a kid without television, video games, cell/smart phones, the internet, canned games, or social pressure.

Our website,, has descriptions of all available positions under the "staff" heading. We have openings for counselors, kitchen, and a number of leadership positions. When you are ready, go to the "staff Application" page and follow the instructions for submitting an application.


Counselors - Discover the wish, wonder, and surprise of living with five campers in a cabin in the woods for the summer. Learn more than you ever thought you would about relating to children in a manner that supports their growth and independence. Counselors will also serve as activity area instructors and will take lead on maintenance for a few activity areas after they’ve learnt what is needed. All counselors teach activities, but you tell us which ones you’d like to teach -- there are over 100 choices, plus your creative additions. Here’s a link to our activities page to get a taste of what we already offer: We can teach you most activity areas, if you bring the fervent desire. And you can teach us if there are new activities that you would like to create here. Counselors are the core of camp. Most counselors spend a session or two outside of the cabin as well, focusing on program or other areas of interest.


-You must be at least 19 years old
(3 years older than oldest camper; average age of staff is 23/24)
(It is not uncommon to have 29 year old counselors. 39 happens to!)
-Make sure this camp is right for you. Read the entire staff experience section on our website. Read the PDF files contained there as well.
-Summer is from May 20th through August 16th
-If desired, there are pre-season family camps and school groups, starting in late April. Later start dates are possible depending on skills. Post summer work is available as well.
Living and Working at Camp Augusta Requires:
• Flexibility (responding to quickly changing schedules and needs)
• Stamina (on the job 24/7, working in a physically demanding environment that requires the utmost care and attention)
• Communication skills to people of all ages and backgrounds (fellow staff, children, and parents, including those from other countries)
• Patience and compassion (working with children and staff)
• Conflict resolution (other staff as well as children)
• Ability to work in stressful situations (very tight schedule, high expectations, rapidly changing environment)
• Ability to react quickly and stay calm in high stress environments (accidents/injuries, high-stress cabin group)
• Ability to work with and relate to people of various ages (child-adult)
• Program and curriculum creation/development/evolution/assessment/improvement (new clinic creations, evening program creations, etc.)

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