Marketing / Copywriting / Web Development Internships available

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Part-time interns needed (unpaid;) for a non-profit online college (Harari College Worldwide.

Internships offered:
* SAT portal - learning materials creation (Math & English)
* Websites designing and development (Moodle, PHP & MySQL)
* Marketing and copywriting

We are the world’s first secondary high school. We are open for students from all over the world, who wish to gain American, British or Israeli qualifications. Whether you are a foreign student looking to study abroad and to challenge yourself academically, or you are a local student looking to challenge yourself with more courses, we are here for you.

We believe in knowledge without boundaries. We make sure that nothing will stand in your way to education. Whether you live away from quality education, or maybe you don’t have the money, our online education is available despite every possible barrier.

We offer a college experience during your high school years. Our teachers are college lecturers who decided to contribute their knowledge and skills to educate the world’s next academia. Our courses are college-level, and the curriculum is identical to a college’s curriculum. Our requirements are college-level. Our students graduate with the necessary academic skills to become better higher-education students.

We allow our students to specialize in a field of their choice. Along with the regular school subjects, we offer special tracks in academic fields that students usually cannot study elsewhere. The tracks include our unique Harry Potter Studies programme, a programme in journalism according to the UNESCO curriculum, and a special track in Asian Studies. These tracks are built of courses that were created by special college consultant to match courses from all levels of the BA in the respective fields. In addition, each programme caters to the demand of an extra curricular activity that students who do not attend American schools usually lack.

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