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Walk-A-Path is a nonprofit organization having a direct impact on our workforce by being an active participant in the community to promote employment as a whole through education, mentoring, training, networking, career, college events, career management, and placement. What do we promote? We are a proud volunteer with the Denison University, US Chamber of Commerce in giving back to the community by mentoring students currently in all levels of education.

In addition, we are a part of the training program “Hire Our Heroes” helping veterans reenter the workforce. Our services are matched and customized based on candidate profiling to enable us to design a comprehensive curriculum that is suitable to the needs of candidates, college students, career changers, and military personnel/family members. We attend ongoing events between Washington and Oregon state career open houses where we actively sponsor free training and information our career opportunities.

As part of our services we have over 30 years of experience combined in our team that provides expertise in the following areas: portfolio building, career coaching, job shadowing, apprenticeships, co-ops, professional social network building, professional portfolios, and assignment to recruiters, and guidance from industry leaders to improve their chances of having success in the current job market. or


- Create signage, newsletters, email campaigns, online promotions, etc.
- Provide support to social media efforts to target new audiences.
- Research and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials.
- Collaborate on team presentations for management and clients.
work with senior consultants to finalize marketing strategies and marketing plan.
work with senior consultants and CEO to develop strategies for international retail market and other lines of businesses.
Work is virtual and is not more than 20 hours per week.


- Pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing
- Possess excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills.
- Possess creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential.
- Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable.

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