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Building Bridges is an non profit that cater to the youth ages 12/19 offering programs in Music education and Media Art's. I'm looking to put together a Music Festival in Atlanta as a fundraiser to raise money for the non profit. Interns should have a deep interest in music , very sociable, great research skills, and excellent with social media. This internship position will offer the opportunity to gain real world experience to someone interested in nonprofit development and management, events planning, researching donor prospects, solicitation strategizing. Duties include, but are not limited to the following. Each intern will be encouraged to take a leadership role in spearheading their own project within the objectives of Building Bridges, depending on one's experience and hours of availability.


If you are interested in the internship, please send an updated resume with a cover letter. In the cover letter you should identify which of the responsibilities and areas of fundraising listed in the internship description above you are interested in. For example "I am interest in working with sponsors and events," or "just sponsors."

Interns will be able to network and gain experience. This intern can turn into a permanent position.


Interns will be responsible for booking a venue, booking local and celebrity artists, researching and sending out sponsorship letters, creating social media pages, scheduling meetings, posting on internship. com. Communicating, and coordinating with new Sponsors.
· Help with copy editing of proposals and report
· Help in writing minor proposals and reports
· Research and develop events in new fundraising markets
Membership / Major Donors:
· Help in researching potential donors
· Help in conducting in depth researching into new fundraising markets
· Provide support in sending mailings and invitations.
We are seeking motivated and responsible college students or young professionals looking to gain experience working with a nonprofit. Prior interning experience is not a requirement, but we do require you to have a strong work ethic and willingness to learn. A potential intern should be comfortable working independently but also working with a team and a supervisor.


Pursing a Degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Entertainment Business, or Business.
Interns must have social media skills
Public Relations and Marketing experience
Experience with writing Press releases
Deep interest in Music
Great writing and communication skills
Know how to put together sponsorship letters
Media relations experience
Reliable Transportation
Computer or Laptop
Great follow up skills
Experience in Event planning

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